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Savvy Website DesignWeb Site Design Worksheet”

This questionnaire is designed to enhance communications between Savvy Website Design and my clients. After you've filled in the blanks, please make a photocopy for your records, and email a signed copy to us at contactus@savvywebdsgn.com. It provides a written memorandum of our mutually-agreed plan.

Organization Name: __________________________________________________________

1. Purpose 

Give the most important purpose a "1", next most important a "2". Leave those blank which do not interest you at all.

__ To gain a favorable impression of the company or organization. 
__ To develop a qualified list of prospects
__ To sell products directly taking credit card information over the Internet
__ To encourage potential customers to contact us by phone or mail to consummate a sale.
__ To make available product information and price lists to distributors. 
__ To make available product information and price lists to customers. 
__ To strengthen brand identification.
__ Other _______________________________________________________

2. Site Organization

Please label pages you desire and cross out the rest.


Total number of pages decided upon ________________

3. Site Plugins & Extensions  

Please Visit WordPress.org and search for any desired plugins you would like for me to begin testing.

1.)   http://www.s2member.com/kb/   ß Sample of an membership plugin I would recommend for you.


2.)   _____________________________________________________


4. Masthead Graphic

It is very helpful if you will include a copy of your company's letterhead, brochures, catalog, etc. so we can see how you present your company image.

__ Company Logo incorporated in the masthead graphic? If so, please enclose a color copy. 
__ Photo or drawing of product?
__ Typeface preference __________________________________________

__ Preferred colors in palette _______________________________________

__ Other ideas _________________________________________________________

5. Color and Accents

For the most part, we recommend a white background for best readability and contrast, with a band of color or a pattern running down the left margin of the webpage. Your preference:


6. Navigation System

The navigation system of most standard sites include:

  • Links from the front page and sectional pages to every page in the system to enable Web search engines to "spider" and index content on every page.
  • Colored bar with a brief word or two indicating each page -- or, in larger sites -- each section of the website. This appears at the bottom of every page. In some sites we put this both top and bottom.
  • Side Menus with text links are especially useful on larger sites. Included in sites of 6 pages or more. They can allow more detail than an 8-item bottom map, and can enable visitors to see from any page how to get to any other. These may be white or light-colored over a dark left-side color or pattern, or black or dark over a light left-side color or pattern.
  • Optional Systems. Circle those you wish incorporated in your site.
    • Left-Side "Buttons" can be used, but we do not recommend them, since they are more expensive and time consuming to maintain when a change or addition is made to the system. Also, it takes significantly longer to load many buttons than an image map of the same area.
    • Search Engine is useful on larger sites of 20+ pages to help visitors quickly find what they're looking for.







7. Basic Page Elements

These are the important items which appear on nearly every webpage on your site (except the "home" page).

  • Page titles which show at top of Web browser only
  • Top-of-page graphic based on the design of the masthead graphic
  • Page Title in larger type. Heading Font Style: ________________ (recommend Arial Bold)
  • Text. Body Font Style: ___________________
  • Site Mapping on bottom of page
  • Standard company ID near bottom of page
  • E-mail response link to the following e-mail address: _________________________
  • Copyright and trademark information in small print at the bottom of every page. What registered trademarks, trademarks, and service marks does your company want to indicate here?
  • Do you have any trademarks or service marks? If so, please list them here and indicate which registered trademarks are.

8. Photos, Graphics, Animations, Sound, and Video

Our contract includes a statement that you own the copyright to, or have permission from the copyright owner to use any photos or graphics you send us.

  • Clipart tends to look a bit tacky on websites. We recommend photos.
  • Photos you supply either by sending the photos themselves for us to scan and return, or by sending the digitized images on a diskette.
  • Stock photos obtained from istockphoto (http://www.istockphoto.com), or Photos.com (http://www.photos.com). (You write down the photo number and inform us of your choices, of which you will have to purchase the rights to use, and which page each photo goes on. We can help you select the photos, but we would need to bill you for our time at our hourly rate.)
  • For an extra charge, we can equip your webpages with: 
    Sound, either MIDI musical background or streaming Real Audio for music or voice.
  • Video clips

9. Response Forms

What is the purpose of your response form?

__ Guestbook for visitors to record comments
__ Request for information
__ Survey of customer preferences


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